Our Unique Cleaning Process

Our Unique Cleaning Process…

Our Unique Cleaning Process

Customers are always asking why they should be vacuum cleaning their gutters.

Well here’s why…

The main types of debris found in gutters are:


Usually found with cedar shake roofs. The wood gives off an organic residue that can become thick.


Found with asphalt roofs. The sand is very thick and heavy and is usually the most difficult to clean.


Found with cement tile and clay roofs.

While other companies offer hand gutter cleaning and pressure washing, this is ineffective against the types of heavy embedded debris mentioned above.

By having them wash and handle your downpipes you run the risk of blocking them or causing underground damage. This can be a costly mistake to make!

We highly discourage the use of pressure washers or blowers… You don’t want the debris flying chaotically across the yard like a scene from Ghostbusters!

To do the job right the first time and guarantee all water, sand, mud and sludge is removed, vacuuming is the only way. It will leave your gutters completely smooth and spotless, preventing future blockage.

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