Window Cleaning Services in Vancouver & Lower Mainland

Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning services in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland

Make no mistake – the Gutter-Vac team provides a comprehensive array of home cleaning services including interior and exterior window cleaning.  Our diligent techs work tirelessly and efficiently to ensure your home feels cleaner, brighter, and more spacious after a full window clean – inside and out.  Plus, as industry-leading professionals, we ensure that our Vancouver window washers take great care not to disturb your plants or wildlife!  We’re dedicated to protecting all elements of your home as we provide superior cleaning services.

Exterior Window Cleaning

  • We take the environment seriously!

All our window cleaning products reflect our commitment to protecting the environment.  We use eco-friendly biodegradable (Seventh Generation™) brand solution and wash windowpanes and sills using a micro-fiber washer.

  • We know appearances matter!
    Window panes are scrubbed with our carbon-fibre poles and brushes and rinsed with our advanced water-filtration system..
  • We protect the exterior of your home!
    Ladder mitts and stabilizers are used to prevent damage to your property’s exterior.
  • We put safety first!
    The Leverlok® ladder system is used for safety on uneven surfaces.
  • We leave no marks behind!
    Stubborn residue such as paint or sap is safely and gently scrubbed away.
  • We offer full window cleaning services!
    Screen cleaning services are available with window washing.
  • We clean the unreachable!
    Tough to reach skylights and railing glass are cleaned with a water-fed pole.

Interior Window Cleaning

  • We remove our footwear and put on disposable slippers for indoor window washing.
  • We use towels to eliminate drips on the flooring of your Vancouver home.
  • Inside facing screens can also be wiped clean during our window cleaning services.


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