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Our Burnaby Gutter-Vac team provides gutter cleaning services to Burnaby and most of the surrounding suburban cities (Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, New Westminster and Port Moody). With such a diverse array of both residential and commercial properties in those cities, Gutter-Vac has the training, experience and equipment to handle whatever type of gutter you may have.

As a local business with roots in Vancouver, Gutter-Vac appreciates first-hand the importance of keeping gutters clear of debris and working efficiently throughout the year (especially in the winter months). With the combination of heavy rainfall and proximity to lush foliage, gutters can easily get clogged up, reducing their effectiveness. To combat this, we pioneered a high-tech vacuum cleaning technology designed specifically to meet the needs of homes and businesses in the Lower Mainland.

Once your gutters have been thoroughly cleaned and are working correctly, we will ensure they also look great by completing an exterior cleaning procedure. 

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Vacuum Cleaning

Functional, problem-free Gutters
Guttervac team member vacuuming gutter on ladder

Gutter-Vac pioneered the use of a vacuum gutter cleaning system that was designed specifically for cleaning gutters throughout the Lower Mainland. It ensures that mud, sludge, needles, leaves, and other debris are effectively removed from your gutter system.

We will leave your gutters not only working efficiently but also looking their absolute best. We will carefully work around any foliage on your property, ensuring that nothing is disturbed during the cleaning service.

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Exterior Cleaning

The Cleanest Gutters on Your Street
Guttervac team member soft washing house exterior

In addition to ensuring your gutters are working correctly, we will leave them looking great. We use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and soft brushes to clean the exterior gutter surfaces by hand. This process removes any stains, mould, or mildew on the exterior of the gutters.

Functional gutters are essential for protecting your home’s value, but our team also sees great value in making sure you have the best-looking gutters on your street!

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Satisfaction Guarantee

90 Day NO CLOG Guarantee

We guarantee our customers’ satisfaction! We’ve accumulated a gallery of photos from all our past jobs that each display the Gutter-Vac satisfaction guarantee so you don’t need to take our word for it. We like to call it our wall of fame, or our roof of proof.

Take a look at our work here. At the Gutter-Vac cleaning company, all gutter cleanings come with a 90 Day no-clog guarantee!

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Gutter-Vac has been providing premium yet affordable gutter cleaning, window cleaning, siding cleaning, roof cleaning services and more to both residential and commercial customers since 2010.

We offer a far superior gutter cleaning service all over the Vancouver area, from Whistler to the Fraser Valley.

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