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Our Streak-Free Guarantee

Our Streak-Free promise is to make things clear, right away. If you are ever dissatisfied with an area of service, simply let us know within 48 hours and we will re-clean at no additional charge.

Professional Exterior Window Cleaning

For a Cleaner, Brighter and more Spacious Feeling Home

In addition to providing expert gutter cleaning services to North Vancouver and West Vancouver residents, the Gutter-Vac team are industry-leading professionals in exterior window cleaning. Our window cleaning experts will work to ensure that your windows are crystal clear, allowing every bit of available light into your home.

Throughout our exterior window cleaning service, we will ensure that your plants remain protected and undisturbed. It’s a top priority for us to ensure that any exterior home features such as foliage or gardens are carefully worked around using special equipment when needed.

When you entrust Gutter-Vac to handle your home, we treat it as if it were our very own. Our expert crews can safely clean all types of windows using ecologically friendly solutions, leaving them sparkling clean.

You can count on us to bring out the best shine and clarity in your home windows, no matter how large or inaccessible they may be.

Exterior Window Cleaning

  • We take the environment seriously!
    We only use products sourced from eco-friendly and biodegradable brands such as Seventh GenerationTM, ensuring an effective, yet gentle approach to cleaning. We also use a micro-fiber washer to wash your windowpanes and sills.
  • We know appearances matter!
    Our brushes and poles (made of carbon-fiber) are specially designed to scrub windows with precision and efficiency. We also use a high-tech water-filtration system, ensuring your windows are left streak-free and clear.
  • We protect the exterior of your home!
    Our operations include using ladder mitts and stabilizers to safeguard your property’s exterior from any risk of damage.
  • We put safety first!
    We use a LeverlokĀ® ladder system for safety on uneven surfaces.
  • We leave no marks behind!
    Residue such as sap or paint is safely and gently scrubbed away.
  • We offer full window cleaning services!
    We can also clean your screen as part of the window washing service if desired.
  • We clean the unreachable!
    Tough to reach spots like skylights and railing glass are cleaned with a water- fed pole which can extend up to 5 stories high!

Additional Cleaning Services

Our home window cleaning company also offers the following services:

  • Deep cleaning of tracks
  • Screen cleaning
  • Railing Glass Cleaning
  • Skylight & Awning Glass Cleaning
  • Removal of stickers & other construction debris

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Gutter-Vac has been providing premium yet affordable gutter cleaning, window cleaning, siding cleaning, roof cleaning services and more to both residential and commercial customers since 2010.

We offer a far superior gutter cleaning service all over the Vancouver area, from Whistler to the Fraser Valley.

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